Project start: July 2008      Project end: October 2010

MULTIPOL will provide an innovative, modular and consistent security suite to implement strong security features between independently-administered domains. This set of modules will implement coherent authorization features, taking into account that all domains are enforcing a different security policy.

The studies carried out in the project and the deliverables will provide the core modules that will implement the authorization mechanisms in each security domain: a policy administration point and a policy decision point.

Then the project will target runtime mechanisms that deal with authorization decisions taken at the time a resource is accessed, and that are particular in the situation of the access between domains.

Finally, other modules will be created to work at the policy management level, in order to compare the policies of the different domains and propose actions to be applied by the policy administration point and the policy decision point. A semantic approach will be taken to support these innovative principles.

The project will also address the standardization space, in order to assess the applicability of emerging standards and also to influence standardization bodies based on the project results. Non-technical aspects, such as organisational, business, legal and deployment aspects, will be studied to better assist the establishment of the multi-domain co-operation.

The partners

  • Evidian
  • Answare Tech
  • Atos Origin
  • City Passenger
  • EADS
  • ESI
  • Innovalia Association
  • Nextel
  • Thales
  • University of Paris


The project is co-founded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Comerce and the FEDER.


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